Get your team speaking the same creative language with our pinbord tool

Lucy Miller

Client Manager


It is now widely accepted that creativity is a business critical skill for the most successful teams. That said, keeping teams creatively stimulated, collaborative and galvanised is a challenge faced by most brands at some point or another. Creativity needs regular exercise and training. This way, it will strengthen and give competitive advantage, but left unworked it will become a weakness, and who wouldn’t want their team fighting fit?

You’re in the business of getting cut through in a cluttered market, of pushing boundaries and seeking innovative ways to tantalise your audience. But where will that next break-through idea come from? From several different places probably – but most certainly from one of continued inspiration. 

So how do you build creativity, harness development and collaboration and embed this into your team?   

The Pinboard feature on the Creativebrief platform is designed to simplify the way teams do just that. It provides a hub for creative inspiration, easily shared with your wider team to encourage and foster a culture of creativity.

Customise creatively

You can start by customising pinboards with the things across our platform that you find creatively inspiring. Whether it’s new work from a competitor brand or brand you admire, an agency, thought leadership, a case study, even a quote from someone outside of the industry – the Pinboard function won’t discriminate what sparks your creative flair. 



This is your drawing board

Share pinboards with your teams and individuals to share your creative vision - show them what you’re thinking for a particular campaign, or concepts you find inspiring. Enable effective collaboration by choosing colleagues to edit and add to boards with you.

It can be a great focus for team meetings – whether casual huddles, strategy meetings, quarterly reflections, or even appraisals. Pinboard is as adaptable as you want to make it and is an intuitive tool to support a creative culture.



Speak the same creative language

Working with agencies? Communicate creatively by sharing your pinboards with them, showing exactly the type of work you want to see more of, and ensuring all your team (brand and agency alike) are speaking the same creative language. 

The Pinboard function makes your brand team’s creativity three-dimensional, ensuring inspiration isn’t just in their minds, but at their fingertips too. 



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