Look beyond with BITE

Lucy Miller

Client Manager


When it comes to staying informed and inspired by the latest trends, thought leadership and insights, it can be hard to find the time. And in an age of ceaseless change, knowing where to look for what is increasingly complicated. But the benefits in looking outward can pay dividends for your team. 

Because what you don’t want is for your team to be blinkered. They might be working brilliantly together and coming up with ideas that are lauded in house. But if they’re not looking outward, the potential of these ideas is already capped. 

What happens around us, in the industry and beyond, is fundamental to how we continue to push our boundaries, engage with audiences better and find new perspectives and inspiration. But how can you do this without racking up several online subscriptions, spending hours heading from place to place or relying on just your own agencies to provide “objective” inspiration? 

BITE is a daily insight into global marketing trends and the cultural movements driving them. Through a range of article formats, it distils the most impactful and interesting learnings from everything that’s happening in the world (not just the industry) around you, helping you more quickly and easily stay informed and inspired. The upshot of this is that you have more time to read less and gain more – no more trawling the internet for hours! Because BITE’s already done that for you.



Keep your finger on the pulse

Trends ebb and flow with the world around us, be it advertisers entering the world of video games, or those looking to unknot the stigma around money. Several times a month, these articles highlight a particular trend we’ve noticed that aligns with a cultural or societal movement. Whilst Focus articles are longer pieces indulging in a broader industry theme such as retail, marketing to women or beauty. Both are crucial for you to remain aware and informed of the creative language others are speaking.


Stay topical

Hot Picks are here twice a week to ensure you remain topical and reactive. Sharing the newest and most talked-about work from the best brand-agency partnerships, each comes with a bite-sized insight from the team, sharing what it is that makes this work so unforgettable. All picked in collaboration with our account management team. 



Look beyond your industry

We look outside of the industry to provide a little inspiration. Fuel Your Imagination looks at everything from the first photograph of a black hole to the latest Met Gala outfits to underwater restaurants. Imagination isn’t prohibited outside of the industry, so why should you be. 



Be inspired

Hear from your contemporaries in the industry. In Thought Leadership, we profile broad agency insight, rounding up their findings and musings – be it from an event, a white paper or research. Whilst one-to-one Interviews on BITE profile those making industry headlines, be it agency leaders, brand leaders, future brand leaders or founders. We explore everything from humble beginnings to proudest moments.  



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