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1HQ ask and answer the hard questions that determine how brands should be positioned, how they should innovate and how they are best represented though design and communication. All to ensure they are ready to win in challenging, changing markets.






Cue Issue 06: 2020 Vision

Content includes: - Party like it's 2050? An entirely unscientific round up of some of the highs and lows we might encounter. - Adios adulthood Making connections with a 'Perma-Youth' consumer. - Signs of the times A sneak peek into the future of conscious consumerism.


Eyes on the prize

Mike Webster, 1HQ’s director of 3D design, argues that far from being a ‘nice-to-have’, a brand design vision, linked to specific executional principles, can drive ongoing cost efficiencies.


That Went Well

'That Went Well' - Our 5th edition of Cue magazine is out now! In this edition we take a look at the shifting healthcare landscape and the knock-on effect change in food and drink branding is having on the pharmaceutical industry.


What's brewing in the coffee industry?

Coffee is everywhere. And it doesn’t take a genius with an impossibly high caffeinated IQ to realise that our palate and expectations are changing, making what constitutes a good cup of joe highly subjective. 1HQ Account Director, Claudette Munroe, reports on her visit to the London Coffee Festival and how the current trend for health & wellness has been woven into our love for coffee. Read the full article at http://bit.ly/1HQCoffeeIndustry


Preparing your brand for the subconscious tipping point behind veganism

We’ve just had a record Veganuary with over 250,000 sign ups. Many already know about the animal welfare issues and associated environmental impacts, so why the sudden tipping point? In our work with The Food People, we analysed the subconscious drivers of the latest 2019-2020 trends. This led us to uncover three key cultural drivers of social acceptance, that impact upon our system 1, and make us feel we want to join in. Read the full story at http://bit.ly/1HQ-VeganTL


Cue Issue04 - Break the rules

We take a look at how challenger brands are disrupting the status quo, why we should be writing our own rules to drive innovation and the rise of dynamic brands in Asia. Issue04 also features thoughts from Nestlé, Tesco and Pukka Pies on what makes the perfect match between agencies and clients.


Iceland’s ad – is it a brilliant lesson in promoting their Sustainable Brand Purpose?

Iceland has long been the rather surprising pioneer in environmental retailing, leading the way on GM free and their early pledging to remove plastics, Is the latest advert from Iceland Foods a brilliant lesson in promoting their Sustainable Brand Purpose? Read the full article at bit.ly/1HQ-Iceland


Curiosity killed the copycat

With 15 years’ experience questioning, creating and crafting brands in the pet industry, we decided to share our curiosities to get you thinking about how you can make your brand fit for the future. Read the full story here: bit.ly/1HQPetCare


Cue Issue03 - We did it on purpose

In Cue Issue03, we look at the art of sustainable design, the role of pack structures, finding your brand purpose and how you can make a difference to the world we live in. Issue03 also features an exclusive interview with Alberto Macciani, Global Vice President Dishwash at Unilever.


Cue Issue02 - What's The Future?

Cue Issue02 focuses on innovation, the future of technology, mega-trends that will add value to your brand and the interesting behavioural shifts that are impacting tomorrow's world.


Can Fair Trade now drive bottom line profits too?

FairTrade fortnight is raising awareness of the stories behind the product, however, as an established brand, are ‘FairTrade’ really taking advantage of the opportunity to capitalise on the consumer’s new desire for sustainable and authentic brand affiliation?


Cue Issue01 - Style vs Substance

We ask if creative communication is all in the mind and whether we should be going beyond the product to design meaningful brand experiences. Issue01 also includes an exclusive interview with Zeo's Marketing Manager, John Mulvey who uncovers Zeo's unique botanical journey.