Big Cat



  • Advertising/Creative
  • Branding / design
  • Public relations (PR)


You’re a human. Your customers are humans. And despite our name, we’re actually humans too. So it’s quite clear to us that understanding people is crucial to business success. If you want to grow your brand, you’ve got to get people to do something, right? Otherwise, you’re creating a lot of noise and no action. To get people to do something, first, you’ve got to accept the quirks of human nature and use them to your advantage. And boy do we have some quirks…

For instance, did you know that when people make a decision, they are influenced by what they think the common course of behaviour is? It’s something we all do without even being aware of it. So, if we can encourage your audience to think that buying from you is a popular choice, they’ll be more likely to follow suit. And that's just one example of hundreds.

At Big Cat, we shake up the way you (and your customers) think about your brand by drawing on human instinct first. Then we turn it into powerful communications that get people to buy, care, think, feel, or do what you need them to do.

We call it instinct in action.