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In 2022, the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) industry still lacked personality, and trust from the general public, so we partnered with Clearpay to build trust surrounding its service and the BNPL industry in the UK. 


Fuelled by the UK media, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) providers are treated with suspicion because people don’t understand the industry. With seeds of doubt already taking root, what’s worse, when shoppers do choose to use BNPL, they’re more likely to go with a competitor who spends a fortune on advertising and sponsorships. 


Clearpay had to build trust and fame and show UK Millenials how paying better can make shopping a guilt & fear-free activity. With a multi-pronged challenge, that needed to deliver full-funnel objectives, the only way to achieve the results required, was using social. 

Strategy & Approach

We helped Clearpay by providing social-first educational and advisory financial assets, in which we curated Cleapay’s visual identity and engaged with Clearpay’s audiences by tapping into key cultural moments in order to build trust within the market…

Our strategy to win was built into three key areas - building trust amongst shoppers, stealing market share, creating community


Starting with building trust amongst shoppers, our top priority was to reinforce that Clearpay is the only BNPL option that genuinely has your back. We added a human touch to their social channels; we took to TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to spotlight merchant partnerships, as well as creating content that busted myths about the sector.

And to steal market share from competitors in the industry, we boosted Clearpay’s position in the market by translating Clearpay’s strong visual identity into thumb-stopping creative. We then celebrated not just what makes Clearpay different, but better. This allowed us to position ourselves as the good guys in the BNPL space, who put their customers first, giving them the freedom to be flexible, but never lending more than they can manage. 

Finally, to create a community within the NBPL industry, we strengthened the sense of trust we were building with our sector and product content, we needed to build with our community, by entering into relevant cultural conversations. Using our social listening tools, our social media managers immersed themselves in the conversations which occurred naturally around Clearpay and identified areas the brand could belong. This allowed us to work reactively, tapping into trends where Clearpay get earned reach. Despite the added challenge of marketing compliance in the finance sector, our reactive content has been key to achieving success for Clearpay in the UK.

Follower growth on Instagram
Increase in content saves from the previous 6 months


Clearpay clears up any consumer doubt

Clearing up any doubts about the Buy Now Pay Later industry on social.

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