Fever-Tree takes moments from good to great on social


From start to present day, our partnership has gone from strength to strength, growing from social partners into strategic partners for Fever-Tree.

Challenge & Insight

As global hospitality halted amongst covid chaos, Fever-Tree was left isolated from its customer base. Our strategists presented an integrated paid and creative social strategy as the perfect opportunity for Fever-Tree to engage with audiences old and new by owning celebratory moments and defining itself as a premium brand on social in both established and emerging markets around the world.

Strategy & Approach

From good to great:

From the outset, our strategists just ‘got’ the Fever-Tree brand; understanding that with Fever-Tree, people weren’t just buying a drink - they were buying an experience. These great experiences take time, preparation, and investment… So we had to signal the time to upgrade to a Fever-Tree moment in both the UK and in global markets to encourage people to upgrade from good to great.

Audiences & Messaging:

We established our two main audiences - busy socials and connoisseurs, and we wanted everyone to see the value that the connoisseurs see in ingredients by showcasing the lengths that are taken to make Fever-Tree drinks go from good to great. We looked for a blend of reason and emotion to fire up the senses which informed our 3 content pillars - the craft, the occasion, and the serve. 

Global and local:

These 3 pillars also aligned with our approach to the UK and the global market. Given Fever-Tree’s high awareness in the UK, we didn’t focus on telling its well known craft and ¾ message. So we focused on occasions, desire, and ease. Whereas in the rest of the world, where Fever-Tree is a smaller player, we lead with the ¾ message and craft message to get people on board with Fever-Tree in the first place!


Despite Fever-Tree’s premium status, our creative team was able to translate it onto social seamlessly. This meant that from ideation to execution, working together was a breeze, G&T anyone?

For the global markets, we focussed on the ¾ and craft message for which we made Fever-Tree’s TV ad social-first and shot content ourselves to highlight the ¾ message and romance the idea of the craft. 

And for the UK market, we wanted to capitalise on people drinking and entertaining at home in 2021. Amongst the madness that was 2021, we came up with the campaign “impress without the stress” - which spoke to both the desire and ease of Fever-Tree. The assets performed outstandingly and enabled us to take over Fever-Tree’s media account. 

As we moved out of 2021, Fever-Tree wanted to be known for more than just a G&T accompaniment in the UK and wanted to become the option for premium mixed drinks. We looked at how we could drive experimentation within the rest of their mixer range and decided on a two tier approach: a seasonal campaign that tied serves in with the weather, and we consolidated Fever-Tree into the ‘treat yourself’ culture which resulted in Fever-Tree Fridays!

Results and Learnings

Performing well with Paid

After securing Fever-Tree’s paid media work, we boosted ad recall by 115% and exceeded our 2022 benchmark by 34%. We’ve also succeeded in driving more young people to the brand than ever before: a key focus for Fever-Tree in 2021 and is a real testament to the social-first approach we’ve built for them over the last year. 

The proof is in the drinking.


Fever-Tree takes moments from good to great

From start to present day, our partnership has gone from strength to strength, growing from social partners into strategic partners for Fever-Tree.

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