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At a time of technological disruption, disintermediation, and complexity, it’s never been more important to be human-first. Whether working for a consumer brand, healthcare firm, tech company, or building corporate reputation, we never lose sight of whom we’re communicating with. Real people.

We believe it’s not enough to earn attention. Brands must earn connection by meeting people where they are, with something they value. At the heart of every connection is a spark – when insight, culture, and media collide. The right spark connects people and ideas, igniting movements, shifting mindsets, and creating moments that matter.

We are the human-first agency.




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Culture makes great work and the workplace great.

CEO George Coleman debates the role of culture on making for a great workplace and on facilitating the best client work.

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Three Days in Tangiers with the House of Beautiful Business.

Opinion piece from Head of Consumer Holly Ward on being human in a life-centred economy, following on from the House of Beautiful Business festival: ‘Between the Two of Us’.

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Future Proofing Comms Teams In The Age Of GenAI: 3 Learnings.

In the dynamic world of communications, our industry landscape demands constant adaptation. Embracing Generative AI (GenAI) offers a leap forward, but success hinges on mindset, empowering time for learning, and fostering a culture of experimentation. GenAI isn't just a tool; it's a catalyst for innovation and future-proofing strategies.

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Digital Inclusion: the Necessity of Accessibility.

Research report carried out by Current Global and MAGNA among 800 people with disabilities in the UK and US into their experiences consuming communications content, and the impact that its accessibility has for their attitudes towards brands. The results of this research report informed our subsequent agency commitment to do all we can to produce accessible communications; and has helped us convince firms around the world of the moral and business imperative to close the disability gap.



Breaking Barriers: Empowering Inclusivity in Sports Marketing

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