Keeping Fish Said Fred fresh with bold, inspiring packaging.

Real truth

Our specialist packaging arm, CHILLI, were briefed by New England Seafood. When it came to their seafood brand, Fish Said Fred, their customers were unsure how to get the best out of their produce.

CHILLI was to make the delicious fish meals more accessible. Proving that great quality fish doesn’t have to be reserved for fancy restaurants.

Real connection

CHILLI wanted to inspire customers to cook something new before they’d even reached the checkout. Grabbing their attention and sparking dinner ideas in the aisles with a bold and inspiring packaging re-design.

They developed a range of “quick to cook” recipes that would provide the basis on which to build the design. The recipes were printed on the packaging and brought to life with mouth-watering photography. “Time to cook” graphics helped reinforce how simple it was to turn Fish Said Fred’s produce into a tasty dinner, with QR codes guiding shoppers to even more recipes. All while bringing Fish Said Fred’s sustainable credentials to the fore.

Real results

“The team grasped the objective and came up with a solution that instantly addresses consumer barriers around cooking with fish, inspiring them with how quick and easy it is to cook a delicious, healthy fish meal. This is the start of an exciting journey.”

Lisa Cowell, Head of Marketing, New England Seafood, Job Title


Keeping Fish Said Fred fresh with bold, inspiring packaging.

A mouth-watering re-design that got people cooking. By our specialist packaging arm, CHILLI.

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