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JOAN Creative has been breaking the mould for what it means to be a boutique agency since its inception in New York in 2016. A formidable challenger, this female-founded independent serves the global offering of a big agency, while bringing the creativity, agility and fire of a small agency.

The first international shop opened in London in 2023, with the ambition of continuing the JOAN legacy for being one of the most creative and forward-thinking agencies: with a strong vision, powerful award-winning purpose-driven initiatives, and cultural driving work that can live across all platforms. Marketing is not linear. And neither are we.




Case Studies

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Case Study

The Cybersmile Foundation Puts an End to Cyber Harassment and Rise of Cancel Culture

By Joan Creative

Nearly 50% of British Internet users cite they’ve been harassed online. Social media improved our lives however, the online anonymity has empowered mobs of justice warriors and led to the rise of cancel culture. We wanted to create a campaign that helped educate around the issue.

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Case Study

Luna Daily Vulva Therapy

By Joan Creative

Startup Luna Daily is on a mission to smash the barriers between fem care and body care. In a culture of miseducation, mass health problems, and vulva shame, we needed to get the world comfortable with the word ‘vulva’ and increase brand awareness of Luna in a disruptive way.

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