Getting the world comfortable with the word VULVA


Challenger brand, Luna Daily is on a mission to smash the barriers between femcare and body care. Because the unnecessary stigma attached to femcare, where women are made to feel like there is ‘something wrong with them’ is causing a gynae health crisis born from embarrassment. 

2023 was a big year for Luna Daily as they were picked up by beauty meccas Sephora and Boots, but awareness of the brand was low. So they came to JOAN London to drive awareness of their brand and their mission to get the nation, and even the world, comfortable with the word Vulva.

So, we got disruptive.

The Insight

Our research showed that women were more comfortable talking about their sex life and how much money they earn than their vulva. 

In short - society’s refusal to talk about vulvas is creating a vulva crisis. A cycle of shame, miseducation and rampant health issues. But until now, no one knew about it, because no one is talking about it

The Strategy & Approach

The fact that the word is rarely used was, in fact, the actual thing that we lent into to get cut through.  

As we worked on the brief, we were in fact entirely desensitised to the word. The more we spoke about it and used the word vulva, the more normal it became to us. Which led us to realise that exposure therapy, could in fact, be our creative solve.


For maximum impact, we created a bespoke typeface for the word vulva, Designed to be highly legible in milliseconds to command the attention of passersby, triggering their discomfort, starting conversations and directing them to the vulva therapy hotline. Teamed with a bold and modern and impactful colour palette, the artwork’s ambition was to stand out in a busy and cluttered world. 

We then went loud and proud in our OOH media across London and New York, taking over billboards, flypostering in busy urban areas. We even projected the world vulva onto the phallic shaped chimney at The Tate.

The word vulva was exposed to the world for the first time in this way.

Luna’s social’s created in-feed disruption with the same artwork being pushed out. Obviously all of this had to be organic thanks to Meta’s ban on the word vulva (another discussion for another day). 

PR and influencers tool vulva therapy into earned, driving the important conversations and starting the journey to eradicating vulva shame. 

All of the OOH and social content led to the very first Vulva Therapy Hotline. 

Designed to help people shake off discomfort and start feeling good about the world vulva, we collaborated wit psychosexual therapist Annabelle Knight to create audio recordings drawing from genuine exposure therapy techniques. 

Combined with humour to create an engaging and entertaining audience experience, the word vulva was said no less than 53 times. Taking the first step to get people comfortable with the word, while having a real ol’ laugh at the same time.

The Results

The results were staggering and impactful in both driving conversation and impact for Luna Daily’s business. 

increase in brand engagement on campaign launch day
Campaign effectiveness in neuromarketing research
Increase in search of 'vulva' on campaign launch day in the UK
Increase in Luna Daily's social following in 3 days
ORGANIC social impressions in 5 days


Getting the World Comfortable with the Word VULVA

Startup Luna Daily is on a mission to smash the barriers between fem care and body care. In a culture of miseducation, mass health problems, and vulva shame, we needed to get the world comfortable with the word ‘vulva’ and increase brand awareness of Luna in a disruptive way.

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