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Missouri is a multidisciplinary, multicultural agency based in Shoreditch, London. We specialise in ‘designing behaviour’, creating brand identities and experiences that engage and inspire audiences.

Our work nudges behaviour, promotes interaction and establishes a dialogue. We do this by motivating the audience to engage, enabling them to participate in an experience and creating tools that trigger action.

We understand how, through memorable, emotive design and communication, brands can create impact where it matters most.






Inside the Mind of the Post-pandemic Consumer

It may be hard to see that now, but not everything is bad in our post-pandemic societies. Many of the changes that have taken place, especially those in relation to consumption, are quite positive. With special focus on F&B, we’ve highlighted 5 key consumer trends that we think will contribute to the new consumer landscape, as well as the opportunities they create for brands.


Downtime On Demand: A Picture of Downtime Today and the Implications for Brands

This issue focuses on how consumers are choosing to spend their downtime, drawing insight from the bespoke research we commissioned with over 2,000 participants across Great Britain. We take a look at two paradoxical ways of spending your downtime in two sectors that have seen considerable growth in the last couple of years; interviews from the COO of esports team FNATIC, Glen Calvert, and COO of luxury fitness studio Core Collective, Heloise Nangle.


Missouri Creative: Global Drinks Trends

In this insights piece, we explore the main consumer trends shaping up the global alcoholic drinks category in the next few years.


Missouri Creative: Food Trends

In this piece, we explore a few key trends that will shape up the global food sector in the future. Five themes that emerged from our research are: Prescription Nutrition, Biohacked Snacks, Dietary Diversity, Zero Waste Living and Plant Power. At Missouri, we help brands to maximise these opportunities, build strong ties with their audiences, and influence behaviour.


Green Economy: Cannabis Culture and the Implications for Brands

Welcome to the fourth edition of our 'Show Me' bi-annual publication. This issue focuses on the cannabis sector, the macro consumer trends that are driving behavioural change in this fast emerging category and the implications for brands. We also share something very exciting: in the Missouri tradition of showing not telling, we imagined what the first premium British cannabis brand would look like: ELXR.


Because Behaviour Can Be Designed

Welcome to the second edition of our 'Show Me' quarterly. This issue focuses on the fundamental belief that design is not a passive part of the creative process, rather it can play an active role in influencing and shifting people’s behaviour.


Branding in a Post-Truth World: An Issue of Trust

Welcome to the third edition of our 'Show Me' quarterly. This issue focuses on trust - a much over-used word but it’s an issue that’s not going anywhere soon. We explore how consumer behaviour is changing and what this means for brands.


The Rise of NOLO (No and Low) Alcohol

The ONS last year revealed a fall in global alcohol consumption for the first time this century. It has been widely reported that the proportion of young people choosing to drink alcohol is the lowest on record. We investigate the factors influencing this change in behaviour and the impact on drinks brands.


The Changing Face of Retail

An extract from our first quarterly publication SHOW ME, sharing some of our recent thinking, a snapshot of our work and selected posts from Missouri Blog. Here we're focusing on the changing face of retail; where it's at and where it's going. To see the full publication or to find out more, get in touch.