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We create stories, content and experiences that transform the way people think, feel and behave. We influence. We impact. And we do it fearlessly.

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Is technology removing the 'care' from healthcare?

We live in a digital age that is transforming healthcare. So, how do we adapt to the digital future of the NHS? New solutions are critical to embrace the benefits of improved digital technology in personalised care, while ensuring that patients are not marginalised in the process. Dr Eric Topol, a US cardiologist, geneticist and digital medicine expert explores how to support the deployment of digital healthcare technologies throughout the NHS, read our report based on this review here.


A new breed of healthcare communications

We believe integration is the driving force behind a new breed of healthcare communications, find out why in our latest whitepaper. Download to better understand the path to health 5.0, the crucial role of social media in patient engagement, the use of tech to boost personalised care and how to use data and analytics to inform your approach.


Whitepaper: Building a better employer brand

Discover how to uncover the very best talent and build a loyal workforce by evolving your employer brand and taking it to the next level. This whitepaper will help you to push your employer brand beyond corporate fluff to become something meaningful and effective with exactly the right audiences. Read more to find out the five key steps for building a stronger employer brand.