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The PrettyGreen Group is an award-winning collective of Creative Communications agencies. Delivering Less Ordinary Creativity for Less Ordinary Returns. For Brands wanting out of their comfort zone.

PrettyGreen was founded out of Red Bull’s London HQ. The ultimate brand builder, Red Bull, gave wiiings to the agency’s proposition and ambition.

Today we still carry the Red Bull DNA, believing that brand campaigns should strive to use creativity not only sell but also to... Be additive… Entertain… Solve problems… Shape opinion.

We believe creative communications is at the heart of creative marketing. Because generating PR is the proof that people are actually talking about a brand. It’s the verification that people actually care. PrettyGreen’s defining mantra is to deliver ‘Less Ordinary’.

Our Less Ordinary communications incite meaningful campaigns for brands, so that they better connect with their audience for commercial return.

We deliver Less Ordinary PR for leading tech, sport, entertainment, youth and lifestyle brands, including Nando’s, Audible, Snapchat, Pantene and Hasbro. We have five specialist teams that make the magic happen; Planning, PR, Studio, Influencer (What They Said) and Experiential (with our sister experience agency, The Producers).





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Start the Summer of Sport with The Playbook: Sports Edition

Health and wellness trumps socialising: Brits prioritise fitness over new experiences reveals our new report. Providing new insights into the UK's leisure behaviours and wellness predictions for the year ahead, this report is part of a long-term series investigating emerging consumer behavioural trends. If you're a brand or business looking to tap into the Summer of Sport, then this one is for you.

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PrettyGreen Introduces The Play Book Report

Want to make the most of your marketing budget when it comes to planning activations on cultural calendar days? Take a look into our new Play Book report about behaviours in the leisure sector, revealing new insights into how UK audiences are spending their time and money in 2024. Download your preview PDF here linking to the full Play Book report.

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Creative PR & advocacy could be your brand’s differentiator

environments, there are some unsung heroes of brands’ growth and continued success. Emma Grace, Executive Creative Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer at PrettyGreen Group, argues that good creative PR is one of them – bringing brands out of their comfort zones and offering a creative edge.

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Diversity, inclusivity & representation have rightly been business-critical for industry leaders over recent months. From the strategy & creative we deliver for our clients to the messages we communicate within society and the structure of our teams, it’s positive to see this discussion happening across all sectors and all levels of our industry. But with any long-term change we cannot expect to rectify years of damage overnight. As well as conversation at all levels, we need action.