Hoop - Squashing the FOSH


For kids, there is no better time of year than the summer holidays. Yet the same isn’t always the case for parents, who, as much as they love the chance to spend more time with their children, are suddenly faced with eight weeks worth of time to fill, the expense of day trips and activities, and the stress of organising childcare.

Family activity app Hoop can help. Not only does it list activities in your local area for kids aged 0-16, but also many of them are completely free. We needed a campaign that made parents aware of what Hoop had to offer; ultimately driving downloads of the free app.


As a way to show the impact Hoop can have, we quantified the trauma parents can go through during the summer holidays and named it ‘FOSH’ (fear of the school holidays). Research revealed that more than a quarter of parents experience it, and it’s more prominent than many other fears, including flying, needles, snakes, or confined spaces. The data was tailored for personal finance media (revealing the cost of the summer), travel (top family destinations) and we were even able to identify parent’s ‘breaking point’ when the most need help based on site traffic – 7:32am on 22nd July. 

Author, podcaster and mother Giovanna Fletcher was brought on board to discuss FOSH, and launch Hoop’s ‘Summer for Free’ guide – detailing more than 75,000 events happening across the UK this summer, and more than three million minutes of free activities. Content was designed for all kinds of mums and dads, including working parents, single parents, and those going on holiday, with contributions from psychologist Dr. Dion Terrelonge and parent influencer The Dad Lab.

This was supported by a hardworking press office function, placing the Hoop app in ‘summer essentials’ round ups, and also the top events in each city for regional media.


Both the national media and parenting titles featured the campaign widely, including Mail OnlineHuffington Post and Female First, with Giovanna also appearing live on The Sara Cox show on ITV. In addition, her instagram post had more 7,500 likes within a week of the campaign launch.

 Downloads have been extensive, with the campaign responsible for thousands of new installs, and still going strong.

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Hoop - Squashing the FOSH

We were briefed with creating a campaign to drive downloads of Hoop's free app to help parents find child-friendly activities for the summer break.

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