Florencia Lujani and Harriet Kingaby

Strategy Director and Insights Director/Co-Founder of the Conscious Advertising Network Media Bounty


Florencia Lujani is a Strategy Director with a love for impactful creativity driven by smart strategic thinking. She works with brands and the climate sector developing strategies that help shift the world to a sustainable economy, using her expertise in brand strategy, creative planning and ideation, insights and cultural analysis.
A former Mozilla fellow, Harriet delivers insight-driven strategy for challenger brands with purpose. Alongside her work at Media Bounty, Harriet is co-founded the Conscious Advertising Network, a voluntary coalition of 150+ agencies, advertisers and tech providers working embed ethics in modern advertising practices.

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The myth of the ethical consumer

By Florencia Lujani and Harriet Kingaby

Media Bounty’s ‘Beyond the climate bubble’ research shows that although the majority of consumers believe in climate change they are yet to buy sustainable products.

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