Baubles to Last Year, Christmas is On!

Argos and The&Partnership celebrate Christmas-enthusiasts across the UK.

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director


What if you took the disappointment of Christmas 2020, wrapped it up and used it as fuel to fire the Christmas spirit for 2021?

This is the insight which sits at the heart of Argos’ high-energy two fingers at 2020 ‘Baubles to Last Year, Christmas is On!’

The joyful ad celebrates the brilliance of British families embracing the Christmas period; from Christmas Pudding pyrotechnics to the unofficial head of Christmas in every office; who usually begins wearing festive jumpers in October.  

The spot celebrates Christmas-enthusiasts across the UK. As well as showcasing festive traditions, such as the circling of the Argos gift guide. 

Radha Davies, Director of Brand Communications and Creative, Argos, explained:  “This year, more than ever, we want to help our customers have their best Christmas yet, with gifts that their family and friends will really love”.

Yan Elliot, Global ECD, The&Partnership, added: “One thing we know for sure is we all deserve a proper Christmas this year. As always, Argos is primed and ready to deliver it wherever you are, up or down the country. So let’s get together, go big, and say Baubles to last year”.

The ad, which premiers this Friday on ITV, during Coronation Street, will also be supported by a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.  Laura Farmer, Client Manager at PHD explained: "The multi-channel Christmas campaign also has a strong digital arm with “several strands of digital activity; from amplifying the ad using short, platform-specific edits to partnering with brilliant influencers to evoke the real spirit of Christmas; data-driven creative helps our customers find the products they are searching for” 

For Christmas enthusiasts, armed with the fuel of pent-up festiveness of 2020, the ‘go big’ message is one they will be all too ready to embrace.  

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