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Gymbox positions ads on top of buses to promote aerial classes

The out of home campaign uses unique media placement to celebrate exercise offerings from above

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


Audiences are well accustomed to seeing advertising on the side of London buses, but Gymbox has taken this a step further placing its latest campaign on the top. To promote the gym’s aerial-style classes the uniquely placed campaign reads: If you’re reading this, you’re a natural. Aerial classes available at Gymbox.

With aerial being one of the fastest-growing fitness trends in the UK, after seeing a 15% growth in the sector, Gymbox has introduced a number of classes to capture the market.

The brand has become one of the first major gym chains to offer aerial-style classes including Aerial Pilates and Aerial Yoga classes as well as the more unique Cocoon class, which allows participants to chill out and switch off in the comfort of a hammock Cocoon.

For gym-goers who prefer a little more adventure the gym offers Trapeze and for anyone trying to get a glimpse of the advert, Superfly, where participants are strapped into a harness and become zero-gravity.

“With Aerial classes allowing you to be suspended in the air, we thought the roofs of London buses would be the perfect advertising space for prospective class users. After all, it’s quite a unique place to feature an advert, almost as unique as our Aerial classes!” explained Rory McEntee, Marketing Director from Gymbox.

The simple, yet striking media placement may not be seen by audiences directly but the innovative placement plays into a growing trend of cleverly placed out of home that is sparking the imagination of audiences and being shared across social media when spotted.

The unique concept brings to life the magic of Gymbox’s new offering directly into its advertising campaign.

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