Settle into a five hour ASMR sleep aid from Sheba

In perhaps the first time in advertising history a brand is actively seeking to send its consumers into a deep slumber with an advertising campaign.

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director


Sleep; the most elusive, precious of pursuits. A pursuit that if you have a fur baby, also known as a cat, you may regularly find yourself being robbed of. Ironically, the stress of losing sleep in itself keeps many people awake at night, making it difficult to go back to sleep.

Technology has brought with it a wealth of data on sleep and definitive proof of who is having the most of this finite resource in any relationship. Now the pet food brand Sheba is seeking to support pet-parents in their sleep deprivation with a new sleep-inducing ad.

Working closely with sleep scientists the brand has tapped into the ASMR trend to create a five-hour sleep aid. The campaign draws on the insight that cats are notoriously more active and hungry during early morning hours.

Created by AMV BBDO the hero film uses a combination of the best sleep techniques including body scans, ASMR voices, calm visual effects, meditation and soothing colours. WIth this snoozy combination Sheba aims to turn the mobile devices, which traditionally keep dead-scrolling consumers awake, into sleep-inducing aids.

Neil Clarke, Creative Director at AMV BBDO, explains: “Using science and data to create an advertising campaign that sends you to sleep is probably the last thing most clients want. But that’s what is great about Sheba and this project. It goes against everything a traditional marketing campaign would normally be. Buying media at 4 a.m. so only those who are awake will see it; targeting sleep-deprived cat owners on social media; creating a Spotify podcast to help you drift off. It’s a playful approach and the more people we can send to sleep, the better.”

The campaign will run on You Tube, with support across social media. The brand has also curated a 4 a.m. Lullaby Spotify Album to help feline families get back to sleep.

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