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How to demonstrate leadership during the coronavirus crisis

David Garfinkel, Director of Engagement at MSL gives his advice on how to demonstrate leadership while dealing with COVID-19.

David Garfinkel, MSL

Director of Engagement


We’re all learning how to quickly change our behaviour to lessen the impact of Covid-19. But have you changed your comms style since the coronavirus impacted your business?

Why do pilots tell you about the expected flight time and route before take-off? Sure, it’s of some interest, but far more importantly, it’s to reassure you.

That measured, expert voice immediately puts you at ease, and gives you confidence, so that if you hit turbulence along the journey, you feel you’re in safe hands.

It’s a lesson for all leaders who are dealing with the impact of Covid-19. 

More than ever you need to communicate with your teams and clients to demonstrate there’s a credible plan in place, one that your employees can believe in.

Clear, regular and considered communication across a variety of touchpoints will not only ensure your staff stay engaged, but it will also impact your external reputation, now and in the future.

Guest Author

David Garfinkel, MSL

Director of Engagement,


David has been working in communications for 23 years, specialising in employee engagement and business transformation for global organisations. David joined MSL in December 2019, having previously worked at FTI Consulting where he was a Senior Director in the People and Change team, advising clients on M&A, restructures, internal communications and engagement campaigns. Prior to FTI, David headed up the internal communication functions at BAA/Heathrow Airport, TUI UK&I, Bwin.Party PLC (now GVC) and William Hill. Prior to his career in corporate communications, David worked as a feature writer for The Sun and The Mirror newspapers, and was the Managing Editor of a local publishing group where he scooped the Press Gazette’s free newspaper of the year award.