As our founding client in 1982, we have been shoulder to shoulder with Audi UK through 6 Prime Ministers, 3 recessions and the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution. 

Audi’s success of their enduring, unrivalled brand value is down to a big, organising idea that has propelled Audi to the number one spot in the UK: Vorsprung durch Technik. Three words discovered by Sir John Hegarty on the wall of the Audi factory in 1982 would change the world of advertising forever. 

It was a fast start, and by the late 80’s Audi was close to becoming a member of the prestige car club.

The Challenge

But in 2013, as the market began to slow, we needed to re-think our direction to maintain our brand image. After all, we had proven that desire led to future sales. 

So, we cranked up the excitement. We re-engineered the brand in the UK and whilst the cars were beautiful, they were now getting smarter too. So we set about becoming famous for beautiful cars with amazing brains. 

The Strategy

From tech to high-end fashion, we identified three cultural elements that would push the level of premium and help Audi break into the luxury market. 

Exciting – Luxury was getting more emotional and thrilling

Creative – Luxury was becoming more unexpected and imaginative

Playful – Luxury was about relaxing and having fun 

Once we had seized on these new cultural codes, we needed to embed them within Audi’s positioning and turn up feelings of progressiveness, excitement, creativity and charm. 

Using a new “progressive premium” communications model, we pushed 50% brand stories and 50% product stories. We combined media to build emotion with massive reach reflecting behaviours that would signal progressiveness. We used emotion-led storytelling to drive those key behaviours (excitement, creativity, playfulness) and increase feelings of progressiveness

The Work

We completely reimagined the Audi range, beginning with our first chapter, “beautiful cars”. Speed is generic to the category, and with strict UK advertising rules around dangerous driving, we can’t exactly show the Audi R8 tearing up a racetrack. 

Instead, we focused on subtlety, highlighting the “poetry of performance”. With beautiful music and clever, concise copy, we delivered what drivers value most: control, anticipation, composure, precision and skill. 

While the visual element is commanding, beauty on its own isn’t enough. Audi “brains” complete the package. With advanced technology and seamlessly integrated features, Audi makes life safer ​and ​slicker. To show this, we didn’t just focus on the latest tech, we crafted powerful visual stories that demonstrated intelligence, discernment and a “sixth sense” for safety. 

In short, we created work that channelled those new cultural values of excitement, creativity and playfulness

The Results

We helped Audi reach: 

● 10 fold sales increase over the last 20 years,

● Become number one on ‘brand desire’, ‘brand worth’ and ‘intelligent tech,’

● Grow 3 times faster than the uk car market and two and a half times faster than Audi globally,

Our hard work was recognised at the recent IPA Effectiveness Awards with Audi taking home the Grand Prix. 

But, we’re only just getting started... 

In 2019 we are working on Vorsprung Digital - a tailored online experience for our current and future Audi Customer. We’re placing Audi’s biggest retailer - their website - at the heart of its ecosystem and connecting all of our comms and business to drive sales & increase customer value. 

A customer first, digitally enabled organisation that is effortless to do business with, it’s a new era for Audi, it’s a new era for Vorsprung durch Teknic. 



As our founding client in 1982, we have been shoulder to shoulder with Audi UK through 6 Prime Ministers, 3 recessions and the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution.

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