A modern, activist brand to challenge the far-right.

HOPE not hate is an organisation that was designed to defeat extremism in all its forms. It combines first-class research with effectivegrassroots organisation, bringing local communities together to defeat the populist right at the polls.

Through understanding audiences, using data, and drawing upon wider societal influences, Blue State has helped HOPE not hate shift attitudes against the far right and towards active citizenship and action. Over many years, we've helped the organisation raise unprecedented funds, grow their supporter base and roll out effective digital campaigns. 

Recently we've helped the organisation engage a new generation of activists through a re-brand that inspires people to strike out hate wherever it exists.

Using attitudinal insights, it became clear that HOPE not hate's brand identity needed to speak to the times we live in, giving supporters a reason to believe and a call to action. Our goal was to create an activist identity for the modern age — something that would appeal to the old guard of supporters and the next generation of activists in equal measures. We aligned on a new logo which literally reflects the charity’s aim to “strike out hate”. The logo itself represents and is a call to action. 

Utilising a “bar of hope” to physically obscure the word “hate” in the organisation’s name, we reduce the word’s power. This carries through into a brand strategy which employs a simple strikethrough over hate words such as ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’ on the organisation’s website and communications. This act of crossing out a hate word is simple but powerful, and so accessible that it can resonate with anyone — even children.

Blue State Digital’s brand guidance covered usage beyond common channels, such as protest materials and signs, and even ‘HOPE’ tape that people can physically stick over hateful words and symbols, making the brand more inviting and tangible. The brand therefore is one that feels like you can own it, inviting action through its design and interpretation.

Bringing the identity to life, we crafted a completely new website modelled around their core objectives of fundraising, list growth, and voter persuasion. Doing this set the organisation up for success, and allowed them to launch campaigns at a moment’s notice, such as their most successful fundraising campaign to date, and their general election campaign.

The future looks bright for HOPE not hate. Almost 50,000 new supporters have joined their movement this year, and they’ve attracted more first-time donors than ever before — an increase of 750% since last year.

But the fight is far from over. Blue State Digital will continue to stand at their side and fight for better politics.


HOPE not hate

A modern, activist brand to challenge the far-right


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