Beefeater Brand World & Flavour Extensions

Beefeater came to us with a challenge: They needed a new Brand World that created a high level of impact, harnessed 200 years of distilling in the heart of London but that was also relevant for a younger global audience.

We carried out extensive research into how the world saw London and as a result we established a new creative platform that embodied the past and future of the brand and captured the spirit of London: A City of Contrasts.

We created a suite of visual and verbal assets to bring alive the creative platform; from typography that was inspired by street signage in Soho to a bespoke silk screen print overlay that became a key identifier in the new brand world.

We collaborated with street art creative duo, Good Wives and Warriors, to bring alive the botanical ingredients and flavour notes across the portfolio of products. The artwork was used across a new suite of brand signifiers, a wallpaper for environments and events and a pattern that enhanced branded merchandise and packaging.

Following the success of the Brand World, we were tasked with extending the world across new flavour variants; Pink, Peach, Blood Orange and Blackberry.


Beefeater's Brand World Unveiled

Creating a new brand world and extending it across flavour variants; Pink, Blood Orange and Blackberry. A city of contrasts, embracing tradition and global appeal for the next generation.

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