Pumping. Unplugged.

Breast-pumping technology has remained largely unchanged since the 1950s. (Mindblowing isn't it?). For most new mums, it still involves restrictive wires, cords and lots of noise, and in the words of many of the women we spoke to, feeling 'a bit like a cow'. Something clearly needed to change...

Enter Elvie, a brand on a mission to transform breast-pumping for mums all over the world - something we couldn't have been more excited to get on board with. In 2018, we partnered together to help take their technology to market.

Introducing the world’s first silent, cordless breast pump; a product that allows new mums everywhere to pump easily, quietly and most importantly, on-the-go. Naturally, we wanted to give it attention it deserved; so we made a big old song and dance of it. Literally.


Elvie 'Pumping. Unplugged.'

Technology start-up Elvie is here to make the world a better place for women – which we can definitely get on board with.


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