Greenpeace are working tirelessly to save the world’s rainforests from mass deforestation for palm oil production. Many of the world's largest corporations had pledged to stop this practice by 2020, but none of them were on target to deliver this. In 2018, with the deadline fast approaching, Greenpeace came to us for help; they needed to raise awareness of the issue; they needed people to donate to the cause and to sign their petition; all to put pressure on large companies to live up to their promises and halt the destruction of our rainforests.

The story of ‘Rang-tan’ distilled the abundance of issues that come with palm oil into one simple, emotive tale, capable of reaching everyone. With a rhythmic script akin to a children’s story, we followed the tale of an orphaned orangutan who suddenly appears in a little girl's room; a refugee from her destroyed rainforest home.

For Christmas 2018, Iceland threw their support behind the cause, putting Rang-tan front and centre of their Christmas campaign. Breaking from commercial Christmas ads with a spirit of festive generosity, Iceland's support helped ensure Rang-tan stormed the UK with over 4 billion media impressions, 70 million views, two petitions with over a million signatures each, and headlines that spanned the globe.

Most importantly, Rang-tan created tangible change. The campaign caught the attention of influential figures including Environment Minister Michael Gove and sparked change amongst retailers, with Ocado introducing a palm oil-free section on their site. Better still Wilmar, the world’s largest palm oil producer, tightened monitoring and regulation of their suppliers.

And for Iceland, it proved that doing good, is good for business. Consideration among consumers jumped 5.9 points to 21.6, the highest increase of any retailer on YouGov BrandIndex.

As the story gathered steam, over a thousand schools contacted Greenpeace asking how they could help. “There’s a Rang-tan in my classroom” - shot with schoolchildren from London, Manchester and Cardiff - was the result; a chance for these budding environmentalists to have their voices heard. And we've continued the conversation with this important, next generation of activists; creating a beautiful story book which has been sent to schools across the UK.


Greenpeace 'Rang-tan'

How the story of one little orangutan woke the world up to palm oil.


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