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Our incredible fusion of data, strategy, user experience, technology and curious passion get us closer to consumers than we ever thought possible. We understand people deeply, how their brains tick, what makes their hearts soar. And so we can get you closer to them in turn. Making your brands an intricate part of their lives and experiences.

We get closer to your business too. You’ll soon feel we know your organisation as intimately as you do and trust us for the long haul. We are proud of our long term relationships. Volkswagen, for example, has been with us over 20 years. BBC’s TV Licensing for 17 years, for whom we embrace the massive responsibility of a database covering 20 million homes for TV Licensing.





Stand for something or stand for nothing, data’s role in tapping into culture.

Proximity London’s very own Senior Data Planner, Sara Parish wrote a piece about why it pays for a brand to stand for something and buck the trend for playing it safe.


Trends for 2019

Proximity London’s Executive Creative Director, John Treacy shares his thoughts on Ad Trends for the new year!