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The world of online dating has transformed in recent years as more and more free apps enter the market, giving rise to swipe culture.

eharmony is a different kind of app. It uses a scientific algorithm to make compatible matches and more meaningful relationships. We were tasked with creating a campaign to reinforce this point of difference.


We wanted to prove that by using eharmony you can stack the odds of finding ‘the one’ firmly in your favour.

Working with eharmony scientists, experts from University of Bath and celebrity mathematician Rachel Riley, we calculated that singletons have a one in 562 chance of finding love on any given day. This was based on a number of factors, such as desired age, rate of attraction and likelihood of meeting a compatible partner naturally, which impact on the number of romantic options available to singles; and that by using eharmony’s compatibility matching system these odds are reduced.

We launched the Odds of Lovecampaign with a media relations push bringing together a number of assets to target different media homes. A broadcast day saw Rachel Riley conduct 8 hours of back-to-back interviews, plus creative photography, a short video where she explains the odds calculation and a series of guest blogs were seeded across digital.

Plus an out of home element saw artisan coffee shops around London stocking limited edition cups displaying the odds of finding love in the coffee queue.


Odds of Love captured the media’s imagination securing 65 pieces of coverage with highlights including ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Channel 5 News, Mail OnlineExpress, Mirror, Metro, Joe and The Sun.

The campaign also drove a 10% boost in prompted brand awareness and a 21% increase in consideration. 

Consideration score
Additional new site visits a day in campaign month

Enjoyed its highest ever Brand Index score by then end of the campaign.


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