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The industry charity’s hub is a vital resource for employees seeking support and advice.

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director


For the industry to build back better in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, protecting and prioritising the wellbeing of its staff needs to be at the very top of the business agenda. 

This is where the industry charity NABS and its Knowledge Hub comes into play. The online resource, designed to support people across the industry through uncertain times, contains online workshops and articles on a wide range of topics. From a digital guide to redundancy, to tools to remain creative in the midst of the crisis to a working parent’s survival guide, the free-to-access hub is there to help. 

NABS responded to an unprecedented demand for its services in 2020. Its 2020 Impact Report published this week revealed that calls to NABS rose by 35% last year, while donations to the charity were £1.1 million down on 2019. Its advice line took over 4,900 calls from people across the industry seeking help with their wellbeing, financial support and redundancy issues. 

NABS research throughout the pandemic has shone a light on the challenges facing employees. During the first lockdown 57% of respondents cited a lack of motivation and drive, while 52% said it was anxiety. Only 6% of employees said they were not struggling with any well-being issues. 

2021 looks set to be another challenging year and we will continue to carry out our mission: to help our people across the industry to thrive once more.

Diana Tickell

Working from home, or living at work as it is also known, has bought with it specific challenges, with 51% reporting suffering from physical problems due to at-home working and 48% saying they are not getting enough exercise.

Despite these challenges, the majority of employees said they wanted more flexible working in the future. Eighty-eight per cent want to work from home more and 48% were keen for more flexible start and finish times to support their transition back to the office. However, 76% were missing the spontaneous conversations, rapport and social aspects of work. Only 16% said they never wanted to return to the office again. 

Diana Tickell, CEO, NABS explained: “At the end of 2020, our income was down by 40% although demand for our services was up by 35%. We’re proud to have been able to support every person who got in touch with us. 2021 looks set to be another challenging year and we will continue to carry out our mission: to help our people across the industry to thrive once more. We can only continue to do our vital work thanks to the generosity of our donors. Please consider supporting us if you don’t already.”  
Simon Daglish, Chairman of NABS, added: “NABS did a fantastic job of supporting the industry throughout one of the toughest years we’ve ever faced. NABS’s coaching sessions and therapy referral service provided a safe space and vital support for hundreds of people. We also provided accessible guidance and information to nearly 1,000 people facing redundancy and job loss with our online guide, launched in May 2020 in prompt response to the effects of lockdown.”  

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