Three showcases the power of a supportive network

The new brand campaign from Wonderhood Studios brings to life the importance of connection and belonging

Georgie Moreton

Deputy Editor, BITE Creativebrief


A young woman struggling with the realities of motherhood turns to her network for reassurance and support. A man about to go into a job interview looks to his family for words of assistance and advice. These relatable situations sit at the heart of a new brand campaign for network provider, Three. A campaign which successfully brings to life the importance of belonging to a network.

The new campaign, created with the help of Wonderhood Studios, sees the network champion the importance of connection and bringing people together. Through a range of relatable scenarios, Three’s new campaign positions the network provider as a facilitator of moments of human connection and support.

Two 30-second TV spots bring to life how having a network to turn on can help people through life's hard moments. The first spot features a mother overwhelmed in the middle of the night as she tries to settle down her baby. Downstairs she is met by a series of other new mums who offer her advice, support and love through the power of a group chat. With the support of her network at the end of the phone she doesn’t feel so alone.

The other spot features the Sharma family, where the eldest son is about to enter a job interview. About to head into the interview he is struck by nerves and so dashes into the bathroom. Out of nowhere, the whole family appears in the stall with him, offering advice, jokes to lighten the load, and a thumbs up from Dad to give him the confidence to nail the interview. With the family group chat in his pocket, he has no reason to stress.

The heartwarming scenarios bring to life the power of having a network and show how a good network provider helps to connect people in their moments of need no matter how big or small.

The campaign is the latest reimagining of the ‘Life Needs a Big Network' brand platform, and Three’s biggest campaign since first launching it in 2021. Rather than a broader focus on product the campaign hones in on the human feeling and the people the network serves.

“For this year’s Life Needs a Big Network campaign, we’re injecting new meaning into the platform.” says Ben Edwards, Executive Creative Director at Wonderhood Studios. He continues: “Three’s network only really exists to support the amazing human networks that are present up and down the whole of the UK. Across multiple media channels, this campaign celebrates the joy of being connected to the people you care about – all in an authentic, positive and moving way.”

The campaign will run across TV, Video on Demand, Cinema, Radio, Out of Home, PR, social, digital and retail.

By having humanity at the heart of the campaign and focusing on what people really need from their networks, Three successfully shifts the focus to communicate the true meaning of connection.

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