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What’s next for technology communications in 2020?

David Lucas, Head of Technology at 3 Monkeys Zeno introduces the agency’s latest research exploring the imperatives for technology media relations through the pandemic and beyond.

David Lucas, 3 Monkeys Zeno

Head of Technology


It’s been the year that everything changed. For many technology companies, this has delivered a boom in business, as the world turned to their tools to maintain operations and keep in touch through lockdowns and social distancing.

With the pandemic putting a squeeze on all kinds of business, the resulting downturn in advertising has led the world of media to also take a hit in many places. Publications have closed, journalists have been on and off furlough.

But others have seen record readership and expanded their reporting. So, what has the impact been on the titles covering the technology keeping us all going? The logic goes that, if the technology sector is booming, the publications covering these businesses should be as well.

Is that really the case? And what impact is there for running technology communications campaigns over the next six months to a year?

We wanted to explore this to help understand the imperatives for technology media relations through the pandemic and beyond. How to structure campaigns, which topics are resonating most, how to launch and when to expect results. So, we looked at data on media coverage since early March to help us analyse the trends in what’s landing in our target publications. We then overlaid this with our own insight from speaking with the UK’s top technology journalists to add some depth and context to what the data showed us.

The results have provided a guide to running technology communications campaigns in 2020. And, while some of the old tactics remain, we need to refocus efforts and reset expectations to achieve the impact required to drive changes with audiences. The report delves into this in more detail and provides some clear guidance to technology brands looking to cut through in an often confusing media landscape.

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Guest Author

David Lucas, 3 Monkeys Zeno

Head of Technology,


David is a technology communications specialist, working with brands to help tell their digital transformation stories and show how technology solutions are driving business impact. His experience includes supporting globally-recognized brands including Google, Microsoft and Adobe in targeting businesses, consumers and key opinion formers, as well as specialist players including Trend Micro, ServiceNow, Canonical and Gemalto in raising awareness of how their products and services solve business challenges. David is passionate about creative storytelling for brands, helping them to craft campaigns that drive action amongst audiences and achieve business objectives. His career has spanned the creation and execution of UK, regional and global communications programs, working with client leads to achieve stakeholder support for ideas and with his team to deliver activities.

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