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We are a global creative communications consultancy. A collective of creative and strategic thinkers from every conceivable marketing background, independence defines our spirit. We’re obsessed with delivering work that packs a measurable punch, that inspires change, with earned at its beating heart. Authentic storytelling is central to what we do, because a great story, well told has the magic to captivate.
Everything we recommend is rooted in real insight and analytics. Our strategic rigour comes from truly understanding our clients’ businesses, the market they’re operating in and the audiences they’re trying to influence.






Heard of Web3 but don’t know where to start?

Zeno Group introduces Z3 – a dedicated global think tank comprised of Web3 and other specialists to counsel clients on a variety of emerging technologies and execute immersive digital experiences that deliver real business impact.


Viral News, One Year On: The key insights from 3 Monkeys Zeno

As we approach the one year anniversary of the UK first going into lockdown, there isn’t an aspect of our lives that Covid-19 hasn’t touched. The media is no exception. The economic impact of Covid-19 has hit news brands’ businesses and journalists’ ways of working, while the need for trusted sources of information and shared conversation has never been greater. To make sense of this new era, we’ve published an insight report 'Viral News, One Year On'.


What's next for technology communications in 2020?

As the Covid-19 pandemic has developed, publications around the world – like most businesses – have had to adapt their business models. While some haven’t survived, the boom in demand for technology services to keep companies running smoothly indicates that the picture could be brighter for those covering the sector. Our findings and recommendations are available in the report Boom and Bust: The B2B Tech Media Landscape During Covid-19.


The Zeno 2020 Purpose Research

In a first of its kind global study, the findings of The 2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose research sheds new light and unequivocal proof that companies leading with Purpose will prevail. 8,000 consumers across eight countries (United Kingdom, France, United States, France, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia) have spoken and stand ready to give their hearts, voices and wallets in support of Purposeful brands. For further information, please contact Rebecca.Wagstaffe@3monkeyszeno.com


Evolving Technology Communications

Enterprise technology has never been in higher demand. But generating earned media coverage for topics related to the technology used to run a business is often a struggle, as mainstream titles don’t see them as relevant and opportunities within trade media are diminishing. As ambitious brands seek new ways to communicate their messages to business audiences, a new approach is needed to ensure earned media – in conjunction with owned, paid and social channels – is used in the most effective way.


European Technology Media Report

The European technology media landscape has become increasingly complex, fragmented and diverse. So, what do brands need to know? Check out our latest European insights report...


Are Purposeful Brands More Likely to be Commercially Successful?

The report illustrates how 3MZ’s The Human Project methodology links to our belief that a purposeful corporate brand reflects a human organisation that is in touch with its people and the communities in which it operates.


How Disruptive Tech Has Turned Communications On Its Head

Disruptive tech has turned communications on its head. Our new insights report, in partnership with the Memo looks at what this means for today's comms professionals..


3MZ & One Question - What Does Brand Really Mean?

Our Head of Corporate Communications, Sarah Ogden shares her thoughts around the One Question debate topic 'What does brand really mean?'...



Part two is here! Our Head of Digital, concludes his overview of the influencer marketing landscape in 2018…



What kind of influencer marketing platforms are out there? What’s the difference between an influencer and an advocate? How do you make sense of the paid, owned and earned mix? All revealed & more in part one...


(Winky)facing the truth about social conversation

Sarcasm is a topic that has hit the headlines (no, it really has) again in the past few weeks after researchers have developed an algorithm that helps to detect intended sarcasm – and other emotional subtext – via the use of emojis..


Future proofing in-house PR teams

This report examines the journey of in-house PR teams from a department with a focus almost entirely on media relations to one which now has hundreds of channels and platforms to communicate through. 3MZ partnered with PR Moment to conduct qualitative and quantitative research across senior in-house comms leaders.


Will entrepreneurs be the next superpowers?

“I believe the superpowers of tomorrow [are] not going to be the nation states, [they] are going to be the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are now solving the problems that used to be the domain of nation states.” - Naveen Jain, Moon Express