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ELVIS is a global creative partner for famous brands, including Cadbury, OREO, Honda, Budweiser, Stella Artois & Corona.

Our work is Unexpected and Unforgettable. This is our definition of creativity - study after study has shown the commercial benefit of these two words: from the fundamental role of fame in the IPA’s databank of effectiveness awards, to the primacy of salience and ‘mental availability’ in Byron Sharp’s academic work. But too often this core marketing truth can be lost in the trenches of everyday content creation or the multiple layers of an international marketing department. By putting this belief front and centre, we remind ourselves and our clients of its vital importance every day.





Phoenix from the Fyre: The rebirth of influencer marketing. Camilla Yates Planning Director Elvis

Watching Fyre, Netflix’s framing of Fyre festival’s disastrous rise and fall, I was struck by one thought. We as marketers have the power to create something out of absolutely nothing. In a world where a shed in Dulwich can become the top rated restaurant on Trip Advisor, and an unknown author can get 51 million people (and counting) to like a photo of an egg, how can we navigate what is real? Does authenticity matter at all?