Black History Month: Celebrating diverse voices

To mark Black History month we want to share some of the people and ideas which have inspired us over the past few months.

Izzy Ashton

Deputy Editor, BITE


At BITE we are dedicated to amplifying and celebrating diverse voices all year round. 

To mark Black History month we want to share some of the people and ideas which have inspired us over the past few months. 

We hope these brilliant people, their work and creativity will fuel your thinking and spark ideas and actions to ensure that the industry becomes a more inclusive and representative space for all.

Here are just a few of the articles we’re choosing to highlight this month:

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Founder Interview: Linkit.Black champions the power of the collective to shine a spotlight on Black talent

A new tool from a team of creatives demonstrates the power of using a platform for good to ensure that everyone is given a fair chance to be hired into the creative industries.

Founder Interview:

Agency Leader Interview: “You have to know the rules to break the rules”

Trevor Robinson OBE, the Founder and Creative Director at Quiet Storm spoke to BITE about the second iteration of the Create Not Hate initiative, the importance of inspiring the next generation and of engaging in constructive conversation to bring about change.

Agency Leader Interview:
Trevor Robinson, Founder & Creative Director, Quiet Storm


Voices: Create Not Hate: Young Londoners reveal creative work based on first-hand experiences of racism

We speak to three young Londoners about their involvement with the non-profit initiative Create Not Hate, the ideas behind their work and what creativity really means to them.

Create Not Hate 2020

Voices: Press Pause empowers the industry to speak up against discrimination

Havas London and Creative Equals have joined forces to share an internal agency anti-discrimination initiative to help the industry combat racism. “It is incumbent on all of us to call out discrimination, wherever we see it. If we don’t, we are complicit,” says Xav Rees, CEO, Havas London.

Press Pause
Durex - Let's Not Go Back to Normal 2.jpg


Voices: “If you want to make a difference, it’s not about just donating money”: Akil Benjamin on his new initiative to mentor 300 Black businesses

Akil Benjamin, who founded M&C Saatchi’s Saturday School believes that, to support Black business, it’s not about donating money but rather about the power of collective action and the importance of recognising the value of Black businesses.


Akil Benjamin, mentor 300 Black businesses

Fuel Your Imagination: My Runway Group’s 21 Youth Street showcases Black businesses

With this latest project My Runway Group is manifesting their purpose, demonstrating the power of youth and just how important it is to lift the next generation up; to celebrate their talent and help them achieve their goals.

Fuel Your Imagination:
21 Youth Street
21 Youth Street.jpg

ITV stand with diversity.jpg

Fuel Your Imagination: ITV and OfCom take a stand in support of Black Lives Matter

Big corporations publicly demonstrating their support of representation and artistic expression is an important step forward on the path towards becoming anti-racist brands.

Fuel Your Imagination:
ITV & OfCom support Diversity

Fuel Your Imagination: 56 Black Men says, Let’s Not Forget the names that didn’t become hashtags

'Let's Not Forget' is about inspiring people to ask themselves what they can do right now; to examine what they are going to do moving forwards and to not forget the lives that have been lost.

Fuel Your Imagination:
Let's Not Forget
Let's Not Forget.png

UKBP This is Me. This is Home..jpg

Hot Pick: UK Black Pride marks its 15th anniversary by celebrating home

The campaign signifies that despite being apart during lockdown, the community can come together and celebrate in the ‘home’ that UK Black Pride have created for them.

Hot Pick:
UK Black Pride

Thought Leadership: Why it’s time to change the narrative in thought leadership

Personal brand building has always been key to the creative industries but all too often publications and platforms rely too much on asking ‘is he a name?’ We explored how to change the narrative in a BITE webinar.

Change the narrative