Tuesday 30th October 2018

8:15am - 6:30pm


 From Insight to Action

We’re an industry that likes to talk. A lot. At BITE LIVE we’re interested in the people, brands and agencies turning their talk into action and proving that making a difference, both culturally and socially, can be good for business too.


“The images that come into our house and are surrounding us every day, they are the images that are telling us whether we have permission to think about a different world or whether we’d better just stick to the world we’ve got.”

 Jude Kelly CBE, Founder of Women of the World festival speaking at BITE LIVE 2017


Held on 30th October at Picturehouse Central, BITE LIVE is an all-day event that will give you an insight into conversation-changing campaigns and inspiration from leading figures in creative culture.


If you still need convincing check out last year’s highlights including Jude Kelly CBE, previously Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre and Alain de Botton, acclaimed author and modern day philosopher, who were joined on stage by speakers from McDonald’s, IKEA, Stonewall and Hippeas, to name a few.


Florian Alt

Vice President Global Brand Communications, adidas Football

Florian Alt is Vice President, Global Brand Communications for adidas Football. He oversees the quest for adidas to be number one in global football, both on the pitch and off it.

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Mary Portas

Author, Activist and Founder of Portas Agency

Mary Portas, the ‘Queen of Shops’, is the Founder of Portas Agency and has been the star of multiple TV series. She is the author of the upcoming Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto for Change.

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Shelina Janmohamed

Author and Vice President of Ogilvy's Islamic brand consultancy

Shelina Janmohamed is the author of Love in a Headscarf and Generation M: Young Muslims Changing the World. She is the Vice President of Ogilvy’s Islamic brand consultancy.

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Katie Derham

Radio and TV presenter, and Co-Founder of Peanut and Crumb

Katie Derham has been the face of the BBC Proms since 2010, as well as reaching the 2015 final of Strictly Come Dancing. She is a regular presenter on TV and radio and one of the co-founders of Peanut and Crumb.

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David Schneider

Actor, writer & Founder of That Lot

David Schneider is the BAFTA-nominated writer of Alan Partridge and The Death of Stalin, as well as being the Founder and Executive Creative Director of That Lot.

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Jude Kelly CBE

Founder of the Women of the World Festival

Jude Kelly CBE is the Founder of WOW: Women of the World Festival and was previously the Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre for 12 years. She was awarded an OBE for services to the theatre in 1997 and was made a CBE for services to the arts in 2015.

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Lotte Jeffs

Creative Director at Ogilvy UK

Lotte is the Creative Director of Ogilvy, having previously been Acting Editor-in-Chief for ELLE Magazine, and worked as a writer for the Evening Standard and British Airways.

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Helen Newcombe

Founder of Davy J

Helen Newcombe is the founder of Davy J, a British swimwear brand generated from 100% waste materials including fishing nets and other ocean waste. Helen is a Circular Economist and rising female entrepreneur, winning the Women of the Future Award for Entrepreneurship in 2017.

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Peter Heneghan

Head of Communications at LADbible Group

Peter Heneghan is the Head of Communications at LADbible Group. He’s responsible for developing the company’s media reputation and driving exposure across key editorial and branded initiatives.

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Michael Hughes

Creative at AMV BBDO

Mike Hughes' work for AMV BBDO has gained international recognition in the likes of the BBC, The Big Issue, TED, The Guardian and The Independent amongst others.

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Harvey Cossell

Head of Strategy, We Are Social

Harvey Cossell is head of strategy at global social media agency We Are Social. Having started out client-side and then later working in creative agencies, he is a brand strategist with a strong heritage in helping brands navigate the burgeoning and complex world of communication for commercial success.

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Dave Cornthwaite

Adventurer and Founder of SayYesMore

Dave is a record-breaking adventurer who has travelled over 22,000 miles without motors as part of his ground-breaking Expedition1000 project. Dave is the founder of SayYesMore and the YesTribe

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Patrick Garvey

Founding Partner of We Are Pi

Patrick is a Founding Partner of WE ARE Pi and Pi Studios, and lives and breathes the company's mission to "Never Settle”. Patrick is an experienced business lead, having worked both agency and client side, and also heads up the agency’s account management and new business departments in his role as CMO.

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Jules Macken

Global Marketing Manager at Heineken

With 16 years’ experience in the drinks business working across wines, spirits, cider and for the last 8 years the Heineken portfolio, Jules is motivated by developing authentic and impactful brands.

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Josie Naughton

CEO and Co-Founder of Help Refugees

Josie is Co-Founder and CEO of Help Refugees, a non-profit organisation which has funded over 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East, raised over £11 million and helped over 722,000 people. This year Josie was selected as a Goalkeeper at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where she spoke alongside Barack Obama.

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Gundeep Anand

Founder of The Last Stand

Gundeep Anand is the Founder of The Last Stand street football competition, which helps bring communities and postcode gangs together instead of divide them.

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Ged King

Founder of Skullfades Foundation

Ged King is a selfless individual who by day cuts hair at Skullfades Barber Shop in Manchester and by night (and any other time) cuts the hair of the homeless. Over 1,200 haircuts to date and he’s now offering haircuts to refugees in Dunkirk.

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Nick Farnhill

CEO of Publicis London

Nick is a founding partner and CEO of POKE and CEO of Publicis London. His focus is on delivering digital comms and experiences for clients that include EE, Renault, Virgin, Heineken, Morrisons, NBC and Garnier.

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Karen Fraser MBE

Founder of Credos

Karen founded and leads Credos, the think tank for advertising and commercial communications, and she created and analysed the timeTo survey. She was awarded the MBE for services to diversity and advertising in the 2017 New Year’s Honours list.

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Kara Melchers

Managing Editor of BITE

Kara is responsible for BITE, Creativebrief's insights and editorial platform. Working closely with some of the industry's smartest thinkers she writes about trends in marketing, culture and society.

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Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE

Izzy writes and conducts research for BITE, Creativebrief's insights and editorial platform. She is responsible for interviewing key creatives and marketers, getting under the skin of both the industry, and the individual.

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Charlie Carpenter

Managing Director of Creativebrief

Under Charlie's leadership, Creativebrief has set a disruptive course, focusing on the power of technology to transform how brands and agencies come together to create the industry's most recognisable work.

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BITE LIVE 2018 schedule


Welcome Breakfast


Opening Statement

Charlie Carpenter, MD at Creativebrief


Say Yes More

Dave has a habit of doing things differently. As a record-breaking adventurer he is best known for Expedition1000, an ongoing mission to take on twenty-five different non-motorised journeys, each over 1000 miles in distance. His ever-evolving story-based keynote speech is a motivating and inspirational kick up the backside for anyone who ever wondered whether they were capable of doing more.

Dave Cornthwaite, Adventurer and Founder of Say Yes More


BITE presents Around the World in Four Key Trends

Why did Coca-Cola in Brazil fill its famous red Coke cans with Fanta? Or the Swedish grocery chain Coop create a perfume that smelt of sour milk? This talk is a rapid exploration of the most creative and impactful campaigns, from Kenya to Wales to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Kara Melchers, Managing Editor of BITE & Izzy Ashton, Assistant Editor of BITE


The ultimate party starter

Ever wondered how to hold a music festival at 30,000ft in zero gravity? Or what about with a Hot Air Balloon music sequencer performing to thousands of fans?  How about a Deep House party in the world deepest pool? For 3 years WE ARE Pi and Desperados have been putting tequila in their marketing. This is the story of how they push the limits of their imagination, flipped their approach to global marketing, and crucially outperformed the category.

Patrick Garvey, Co-Founder of WE ARE Pi & Jules Macken, Global Marketing Manager at Heineken


Morning Break


Creating a country not a campaign

This talk is about the journey the team went on to create the world’s first country made of Trash and how the answer to a problem is sometimes in the most unexpected place.

Peter Heneghan, Head of Comms at LADbible & Mike Hughes, Creative at AMV BBDO


Building a circular brand and disrupting the swimwear industry

This talk will share a rare insight from the founder of an emerging brand in the midst of growth. Helen will discuss the challenges and opportunities around sustainability, supply chains, manufacturing in the UK and the use of innovative new materials.

Helen Newcombe, Founder of Davy J


Keynote: Work Like A Woman

The Queen of Shops, Mary Portas will be interviewed by BBC Broadcaster Katie Derham on why this was the right time to write her new book Work Like A Woman.

Mary Portas, Author, Activist and Founder of Portas & Katie Derham, BBC Broadcaster and Founder of Peanut & Crumb


Lunch Break


Publicis / POKE Brilliant Lectures

This game show style format asks three incredible people outside of our industry to talk about something they’ve made, what inspires them and what’s new to them. Expect to be inspired.

Compere: Nick Farnhill, CEO of Publicis, panellists: Josie Naughton, CEO and Co-Founder of Help Refugees, Ged King, Founder of Skullfades Foundation and Gundeep Anand, Founder of The Last Stand


Panel discussion: What messages are we giving girls about how they ought to be?

Millions of pounds is spent showing young people, particularly girls, how to improve themselves. Encouraging them to spend whatever money they have on changing the way they are. This happens in their safest spaces, through portable devices when young people are alone and at their most vulnerable. And via the people they admire and follow and the brands they trust. Whilst change is happening, it’s not happening fast enough. So we have to ask, what is the impact of advertising on the aspirations of girls?

Chair: Jude Kelly CBE, Founder of Women of the World, Shelina Janmohamed, Author of Love in a Headscarf and VP of Ogilvy Noor & Karen Fraser MBE, Director of Credos and Head of Strategy for the Advertising Association


Afternoon Break


The Tango Squad Story

When brand engagement is increasingly difficult to achieve with younger audiences savvy to inauthentic marketing campaigns, how do you get more people to spend quality time with your brand? This is the story of how adidas Football challenged sports marketing convention to get more young people to come and play football with them by building a strong community from the bottom up. A community that offers participants the chance to win fame whilst the platform broadens its influence on youth football culture.

Florian Alt, Vice President Global Brand Communications, adidas Football & Harvey Cossell, Head of Strategy at We Are Social


Keynote: Smell my cheese to sell some tweets

David Schneider is perhaps best known as an actor/writer in shows such as I'm Alan Partridge and The Day Today. Bafta-nominated this year for The Death Of Stalin which he co-wrote, he is also one of the founders of social media content agency, That Lot. He'll be describing his journey from writing and performing with the likes of Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci, to creating tweets, videos, Instagram Stories and adverts for the social feed of Channel 4, Have I Got News For You, Intercontinental Hotel Group, B&Q etc. He'll be discussing how to stay inspired and creative across different media as well as sharing tips and techniques for cutting through on social. Warning: May Contain Showbiz Anecdotes.

David Schneider, Actor, BAFTA-nominated writer and That Lot Founder


Closing remarks

Kara Melchers, Managing Editor of BITE & Izzy Ashton, Assistant Editor of BITE


Drinks and networking

*Timings are liable to change. A full schedule will be published nearer the date



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